Horizontal Spindle Grinder Chevalier 600x1000

Milling Center SORALUCE SL 10000

Miller Huron MU6

Work Center CHI-FA VS1100

Drilling Department

Motorized Lathe GT400 Graziano

Machine Center Heagle 1000

Vertical Lathe HONOR mod.160

Jig Borer Sip Genevoise Hydroptic 6

CNC Work Center ARGO A-80

Work Center Travis M-2000 + 4th axe

Other equipment



Horizontal spindle grinder CHEVALIER 600 X 1000

Our machining department is fully equipped for the utmost flexibility in manufacture.

We are equipped to meet each and every customer requirement.

In-control manufacturing processes supported by expertise and know-how for guaranteed quality of contracted and own-brand products.


Miller HURON MU6

Our small-series production machinery is updated to the latest state-of-the-art.

All of our machine tools feature on-screen control to .01-mm resolution

Drilling departement

Drilling department equipped with drills featuring.01-mm resolution control screens.

Radial drill, and so on...

Manchining center HEAGLE 1000

Machining centre equipped with FANUC controller.

Resident CAD software for running special programs and profiles.


Borer for very high-precision parts, featuring.001-mm resolution control screen.

Work range: 1000 x 1000 x 1000 mm


Milling Center SORALUCE SL 10000

Mobile mill with digital control unit Heidenhain mod.TNC-426-M

Work range: x 10500 - y 1500 - z 2500 mm

Controlled in 4 axis

Head full controlled



Work center CHI-FA VS1100

FANUC control.

Work range: 1200 x 650 x 500 mm


Motorized Lathe GT400 Graziano

Work Range: 300 x 650

FANUC Control.

Vertical Lathe HONOR mod.160

Work Range: 2000 x 2000


Cnc work center ARGO A-80

Rapid shifting X-Y-Z axes: 48 m/min

Work range (x,y,z): 800/530/530 mm



Cnc work center TRAVIS M-2000

Equipped 4th axe permanent working horizontal/vertical

Cooling through the utensil at 20 bar

Work range: 2185 x 816 mm

X axis: 2000 mm

Y axis: 870 mm

Z axis: 710 mm


Our equipment also includes four universal millers with control screen.
Turning department with on-screen control horizontal lathes:

lathe with bar pusher, handles up to 60

NC lathe handles up to 320

motorised NC lathe MORI SEIKY

on-screen control universal boring machines

internal grinders / external grinders up to 300 X 1000