1. Delivery dates initially communicated, can be changed  due to Vamer s.r.l.'s production needs; so they have to be considered only indicative and can be delayed, keeping the good care of previous agreements. If Your delivery can not be affected be delay and need to fix a strict date for delivery, we ask You to communicate it between three days after the commission, in order to allow us to organize the production.

    2. The delivery includes the transport using our mediums; if the delivery has to leaved in third part carrier, our responsibility for the delivery ends up when commodities are given to the courier . All the transport's costs will be all at Your charge.

    3. When the delivery reach you facility is necessary to verify the conformity of the commodities as soon as possible. After 8 day since You receive the delivery, You will not be able to claim for non-conformity problems of merchandises.

    4. The payment should be done as shown in the invoice. Payment over the limit terms will get an interest rate as shown in d.lgs 231/2002.

    5.  For complains about these selling conditions, or variations that need to be discussed, we invite You to communicate us through fax, e-mail or post letter.

    6. Vamer s.r.l. assure the respect of privacy for Your personal data observing the D.Lgs 196/2003.